Q: Soon I shall be leaving for another country for a conference. I’ve been informed that there will an eduroam WiFi at the venue. What should I do before I leave?

If you haven’t done before, we strongly recommend that you complete the eduroam configuration and setup for your mobile device(s) while you are still at Bilkent. If you can successfully get through Bilkent’s eduroam network, you should be able to do so once you arrive there.

Q: Soon I shall be leaving to visit another university. Should I use their installers to configure my mobile phone?

No! You should use Bilkent’s installers. Once you complete the setup here at Bilkent, you should be able to use your phone there as it is configured. If you need to configure a device when you are there, use any network to access and use the installers prepared for Bilkent University.

Q: I am an undergraduate student and my student ID# is 21555558. I’m using as my eduroam userID but I cannot logon to any eduroam network.

You should use as your userID. Please drop the “ug.” characters and try again.

Q: I cannot find my device in the available device installers list. Does that mean that I cannot use eduroam on this device?

You might! Since there is no installer available for your device, you can try manual setup.

Q: My affiliation with Bilkent ended just last week. I can still use my Bilkent e-mail address but I cannot logon to any eduroam network. What’s wrong?

Your eduroam userID is valid only during your affiliation with Bilkent and has nothing to do with your e-mail account. eduroam accounts expire immediately when the affiliation ends.

Q: When I’m away, I used to use VPN to access resources limited to Bilkent campus. Does eduroam handle these access limitations?

Once you connect to a foreign eduroam network, your mobile device becomes part of their network. Therefore you will still need VPN connections to access restricted Bilkent resources.